Change Is Calling

Dec 6, 20190 comments

There’s a knock on the door, a call…which softly whispers.

You’re not your past.
You’re not the pain it caused you.
You’re not the story you tell yourself as to why you can’t have what you truly deserve.

You’re not your mother.
You’re not your father.
You’re not the tears you’ve shed,
You’re not the sleepless nights.

You’re not the fears that haunt you,
the dread of becoming what you want the least,
knowing fully you have the capacity to create what you want the most.

Nothing changes until change is the only option.

When you’re tired of the bulls*it narrative in your head.
Tired of the Shadow Self dragging you back into despair.
Feeling the weight of the world, its madness, its chaos
Your tired feet, from the relentless haul.

In the chamber of darkness, and under that door,
a tiny flicker of light shines through…and you hear the knock…

Change is calling; your imminent Rebirth.

Change is calling.
To shed.
To trust.
To surrender.

Change is calling.
To allow.
To open.
To heal.

Change is calling.
To love.
And be loved fully.
To embrace and receive. 

And know beyond a doubt,
That you deserve.
That you are worthy.
That you are perfect.
You are complete.

Rejoice. Surrender.

For through the darkest Night of your Soul,
It has been polished, reshaped and reborn.

To fully embody that which you ARE.

There’s a knock on the door…will you answer its call?