I’m Olivia Mercado

Personal Health & Wellness Coach

Helping You Find Your Own Path

Struggling in Life? Need clarity to move forward? Are you feeling stuck?

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU!

There is no need to live in pain and misery. If you are looking to get more from life, to gain clarity that can propel you in the direction of your dreams, then this is it. Let me help you unlock your full potential.

Feeling stuck in life?

Lacking energy and motivation to move forward?

Looking for deeper clarity and purpose in life?

Wanting to experience deeper, more meaningful relationships?

Goal Setting

Get clear on what your personal goals are

Relationship Coaching

Heal your relationships and open to real intimacy

Stress Management

Learn to manage your stress levels through mindfulness practices

Physical Wellbeing

Move, stretch, get back feeling good in your body

What Is Life Coaching?
Who is it for?

Life Coaching is an assisted personal awakening. With support and guidance, you have the space to explore what your dreams and goals are and move forward to achieve them.

Get Guidance

When in the midst of chaos, it’s hard to get perspective needed to make healthier decisions. Life Coaching will afford you the space needed for you to explore areas of your life you wish to receive guidance on.

Feel Empowered

Throughout our sessions, you will get clear on where it is you are giving your power away. Reclaiming this power back will give you the boost needed in order to feel strong, capable and confident again.

Feel Good In Your Body

Stagnant energy transforms into aches and pains deeply buried in the body. Through yoga, you can move energy in your body and destress, detox, sleep better, shed weight and get back to feeling good in your body. Greater flexibility and strength is sure to make you feel more confident in yourself too!

Heal Your Relationships

The ultimate relationship is with ourselves. However, if you find yourself stuck in unhealthy relationships, whether it’s with your boss, partner, parents, children or neighbors, this is bound to affect your life in a big way. Emotional wellbeing is essential to holistic health. Through our sessions, you’ll explore repressed emotions, past hurts and be able to resolve conflict in order to move forward in life.

Dream Big

Yes – your deserve to dream big! The clearer you get to the life you want for yourself, the higher chance for success that you’ll get it. Setting goals, action steps and working towards achieving those dreams is some of the work we’ll do, together.

About Me

The journey from this victimhood mentality to an awakened and empowered ownership of my path hasn’t always looked pretty. Often times it’s been chaotic, intense, filled with emotions of fear, doubt, lack, desillusion.

Yoga helped heal my body. It helped me cleanse toxic energies and reshape my outer shell to a stronger, capable of withstanding life changes with greater ease. Meditation afforded me a tool for shifting old paradigms into healthier, more balanced mental patterns. Tantra showed me a path for intimacy, authenticity and using all that life brings my way for personal growth and soul evolution.

I’ve led wellness workshops worldwide and circles for women to connect and feel empowered as well as mixed circles, for men and women to come together in deep connection, love, trust and mutual understanding and appreciation.

Let me share with you the tools that helped get a grip on life so that you too can build the life of your wildest dreams! 💜


“Olivia is a very intuitive and professional teacher. She created a very positive and safe space for me to share openly. She is very deep and knowledgeable, with a big heart.” – Eleonora Quinti

“Olivia’s energy and caring guidance helped me to progress in life. The way she teaches brings about love, a sense of calmness and full heart of gratitude.” – Victoria Puzach

“It’s been a magical, transformative experience. Her presence, knowledge and inspirational messages allows for personal enrichment of body and mind. She helps achieve the best version of yourself.” – Fartash Haghani

Online Coaching Resources

The Ultimate Connect Manual

Get my Free Manual, explaining Koshas, Doshas, Chakras and more!

The Ultimate Connect Workshop

Watch my Free Online Workshop on how to rock your greatest life.

The Ultimate Connect Blog

Learn more about Yoga, Meditation and Tantra in my Blog Section.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

If you’ve felt unhappy with your body image in the past, it’s not your fault! If you’ve let your mind run loose and didn’t know HOW to make it stop, don’t worry. If you’ve ever felt trapped in a relationship, not knowing where it’s going or how to make it better, stronger…take a breath, I’m here to help. If you’ve dreaded Sunday nights, thinking OMG I have to go to work tomorrow…just HATING YOUR JOB I’ve been there too…If you’re at a point in your life where you realize YOU WANT MORE HAPPINESS, FULFILLMENT AND PURPOSE…


Throughout my coaching program, I’ll share with you the necessary tools to gain LIFE MASTERY and feel SATISFIED WITH YOUR BODY IMAGE, LIFE PURPOSE AND RELATIONSHIPS.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!