Have You Been Feeling
Disconnected? Stuck In Life? Disempowered? Not Enough? Lost?

Does This Feel Like You?


Feeling disempowered, disconnected from your truth and doubting yourself?


Living in stress – feeling your mind going crazy? Too much noise around you?


Trying to get in your best shape ever… Only to start and fail time after time?


Trying to end a Toxic Relationship but feeling like you just don’t know how to finally let go and move on?


Feeling like something is missing in your life? Wanting to know your deeper purpose?


Being unable to express your thoughts and feelings to others out of fear of rejection or hurting others?

The Spirit DJ

Ready to create your Life Masterpiece?

Harmony is a beautiful thing. 

Just like a Music DJ that mixes various tunes and sounds to create a unique masterpiece, I do the same with Spirit. By working your Subtle Anatomy (your energy body), I am able to help you regulate the energetic frequencies that are out of harmony and balance so you can create your own unique Dream Life!

When energies aren’t balanced, emotions go out of whack and negative thoughts take over, stealing your precious Life Force. Through accessing Spirit, during our powerful sessions, we align with Source and transmute stagnant energies so you can come back to your natural peaceful state. From this place of balance and clarity you get to design and experience the life that you deserve – your own unique Life Masterpiece!

I Can Help You With

Group Life Coaching

This is a powerful and sacred collective space. Through these group sessions, you get deep insights to help you improve your relationships, move past heartbreak, get over toxic people in your life and restore your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

From Story To Journey - 1:1 Life Coaching

This is where you SHINE! This is where you drop your victimhood Story and embrace the Journey! I believe that you know the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life, even if those answers…

A Dam Quickie

This is Mindfulness Made Effective.The 3 essential things to rock your greatest life are: having control over your thoughts, managing your emotions and practicing heart-brain coherence. If you’ve been trying to release the DAM of thoughts…

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Why Coaching Works

It’s pure magic. And great connection. Over the years and working with clients all over the world, I’ve seen magical, positive changes happen in their lives. By breaking negative belief patterns, acting more decisively, and clearing stagnant energy, life opens up and abundance becomes the new norm. If you walked into a gym for the very first time, you wouldn’t know WHAT to do and HOW to use the many tools (weights, bars, ropes) available for you there. You would hire a trainer to guide you through it all. It’s the same with Life Coaching. I help you better understand the powerful tools you have to live in a state of flow, joy and full alignment with your Soul Purpose. Once you CONNECT with your essence, you experience healing. And Life becomes Magical. It just works!

How It Works

Simple Steps To Success

Make A Decision
  • This is where your journey towards a new life begins
Schedule A Meeting
  • This is where our journey together starts
Show Commitment
  • This is where we put in the effort to change.
Transformation Completed
  • Welcome to your new life!

Love In Action

Powerful Transformations


From Stuck in Life to Living in Flow


From Victimhood Mode to Self-Accountability


From Toxic Relationships to Healthy Connections


From Disempowered to Fully Empowered


From Sleeping Beauty to Fully Awake

Knowledge Is Power

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