The Gift Of Fear

Aug 4, 20180 comments

“Your deepest gifts are hidden under what you fear the most.” – David Deida

What an epic Saturday morning listening to an inspiring reflection by this incredible man! How often we exhaust ourselves, trapped in the idea that “there’s something more, something better, something that we must achieve or accomplish…that we need to do this course or that course to ‘grow ourselves’ with the desire to “get there” – to become ‘enlightened’. What is there is nowhere to go and nothing to prove to ourselves or others? What is the masterpiece of our lives already IS?

How can you make artistry of what already is?

All are expressions of God, of Love. The anger, the hatred, the fears…they’re all Shakti – divine manifestation. It’s our conditioning and inclination towards a dual perception of life that blurs our vision, leading us to glorify the so-called positive and reject the so-called negative, when in reality, there is nowhere to go, and nothing to do but enjoy the present moment exactly as it arises.

Now, we all know how good it feels to be “happy”, to be “in love”, to feel lightness of being. So, through our practice, we can choose to align ourselves more with these higher frequencies rather than exist in the lower ones that bring up a hardening of the heart and ultimately a disconnect from others. It is in our nature to unify, to connect and express freely. But then, fear often times gets in the way.

What are you most terrified of?

We get backed up energy behind our fears. The greatest artists, are often times, those who have suffered greatly and yet, through their deepest sorrows, have offered their work as their greatest gift to humankind. Toulouse-Lautrec, Dostoyevsky, Frida Khalo, van Gogh and the list goes on….What have they all in common if not tragic lives, suffering, yet an undying passion to share their voice and love – to offer their darkest night in the name of beauty, of artistry, of God.

We are one body. What can our greatest contribution to this world be? To be as authentic as we can possibly be. To show up to life, from whatever place you might be in this very moment – mourning loss, confused, suppressed, broken, damaged as you might deem yourself to be – whatever it may be…remember YOU ARE LIGHT. You are not your problems. You are not your job. You are not your relationships. You are divine. All the emotions, the turmoil are but your range of colors, your ample palette from which to create your masterpiece. Offer what runs through you as an act of service, knowing there’s no better version of yourself other than the one reading this, right here, right now.

Be your own van Gogh. Through tears, and joys and highs and lows, through fits and tantrums and growing pains – paint your art fully. Give into the moment, fully. No half-assery to be entertained here. Do it all or not at all. You’re alive and this is your gift. As best as you can, use your fear as it’s one of the greatest tools in your toolbox.

If you wish to reflect deeper, I recommend “The Three Stages of Life” by David Deida.