The Way Back To Health

Dec 17, 20180 comments

Tears. Sweat. Pain. Heartbreak. Teeth grinding. Jaw clenching. Searching. Seeking. The path to health and freedom.

Back in 2002, I was overweight, feeling heavy and carrying the burden of pain in me. I was self-medicating with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs and consuming artificial sweeteners and diet products of all kinds in order to lose weight and numb the pain, which only kept coming back over and over again – both the pain and the kilos. I was chasing an ideal of beauty. Coming from a Latin-American country, I was surrounded by tall, beautiful model-like women and I so desperately yearned to have that same beauty. I was trying to please everyone around me. I was trying to conform to what society told me was “the right way of doing things and how I should look”. This went on for several years.

Alongside, I was feeding a broken relationship (with my first boyfriend), trying to find temporary solutions for what I sensed was a lost cause, yet, I clung to it, hoping to be loved, accepted and appreciated. This weighed me down so so much. LITERALLY. We had a love-hate relationship. It was always up and down. From one extreme to another. It was exhausting, not to mention mind boggling, toxic and negative. Yet, I didn’t know any better, so I thought…”well everyone goes through this. This must be normal.” I was asleep, unconscious, stressed out and living in victimhood.The journey from this victimhood mentality to an awakened and empowered ownership of my path hasn’t always looked pretty. In fact, often times it’s been chaotic, intense, filled with emotions of fear, doubt, lack, desillusion.

Yoga helped heal my body. It helped me cleanse toxic energies and reshape my outer shell to a stronger, capable of withstanding life changes with greater ease. Meditation afforded me a tool for shifting old paradigms into healthier, more balanced mental patterns. Tantra showed me a path for intimacy, authenticity and using all that life brings my way for personal growth and soul evolution.

While it hasn’t all been unicorns and rainbows, the accumulation of life lessons has blessed me with the desire to share my learnings and hold space for others to awaken, feel empowered and rejoice in the creation of the life of their wildest dreams. 💜

If you’re feeling like you want MORE from life, better connection with those around you, a leaner, stronger body and a sharp and centered mind, I invite you to try my FREE 1-Week Yoga Course. Breathwork, Yoga postures, Meditations and Affirmations will help you experience a newfound sense of calmness. Change starts from within. And if I was able to change my life – so can you!

In love and light, I wish you the best in your journey.


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