What’s Worth Fighting For?

Jul 30, 20180 comments

When you think of it. What is worth fighting for? Naked as we came into this ferocious world, turbulent and contradictive, take a moment to consider, what is it that makes the journey, the tears, the fears and tribulations all worthwhile? When far away, upon unchartered waters, what gives faith to the unsettled heart, so often lost at sea? A heart that navigates through day and night, seeking, longing, searching for peace, for firm land to dock upon and finally get to call a “home”? In the witchingest of witching hours, through misty, unclear paths, what gives us courage to place one foot upon the other and keep treading, steady, forward, valiantly on thin ice? Fighting internal demons, battles of days past due, boiling deep inside with the burning rage of a thousand suns, what sets the course straight and clears the somber skies? Shakti, mother goddess, source of all, ever seeking to meet Shiva, its one and only cause. A fortress of quietude, of peace, the journey to the infinite, a leap into the unknown. What is the one desire, that gives meaning to the illusion, to this show? Look into your child’s eyes and you will know, Or so my mother says, I shall one day come to understand. It is love that feeds the soul, It is love that keeps us full. It is love that rests our minds It is love that makes us whole. Naked as we came, naked we shall go. And when that final day arrives, and the Angel of Death shows at our door, smiling, do accept, the triumph over death. For fully we have lived, And fully we have loved. Victory, at last, of lightness over dark. Love is all there ever is, Love is all there ever was, Nestled at the core, Of every fear, and every tear. Love was there, all along.