Evolve Your Yoga

Your 7-Week Guided Journey

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Take your practice to the next level.

Go from Yoga Newbie to advanced in only 7 weeks. With my courses, you’ll gradually evolve in your practice. It doesn’t matter if you feel inflexible or not good enough to start practicing yoga. The Ultimate Connect is a complete 7-week program that will help you gradually understand, feel comfortable & safe to practice yoga on your own.

Practice from the comfort of you own home, at your own time and pace. This 7-week course is a guided journey that contains powerful pranayamas (breath work), yoga flows, meditations and affirmations for a complete body, mind & soul experience. No matter where you are today, you can get started and continue to evolve your practice.

Everything You Need In One Place

All courses contain these core components


Practice Yoga in a safe and guided way. Anytime. Anywhere.


Learn Powerful Breathing techniques from stress release and improved concentration. 


Practice Mindfulness through guided meditations and affirmations. 










“Olivia’s energy and caring guidance helped me to progress with my yoga practice a lot in the beginning of my journey. The way she teaches leaves nothing but love, sense of calmness and full heart of gratitude.”

Victoria Puzach

Brand Manager

Olivia’s classes are a magical, transformative experience. Her presence, knowledge and inspirational messages during class allows for a personal enrichment of both the body and mind. Great investment.”

Fartash Haghani


“Olivia is one of the best yoga teachers I worked with. She doesn’t just show you how to do it but holds your hand and make you feel comfortable with every pose. Her online yoga course is worth every penny.”

Povilas Brand

Marketing Director