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Hi. I’m Olivia. I’m a wellness coach. I help people rock their greatest lives trough the practices of Yoga, Tantra and Meditation. Interested? 


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Ultimate Connect $99

A 7-week Guided Yoga Journey through the Chakras to purify the body, center the mind and spice up your love life! This course contains breath work exercises, guided meditations, affirmations and yoga sequences specifically tailored for each chakra.


Explore each course individually. Each is a great gateway leading to your transformative journey.

The Ultimate Breath

Explore these 7 powerful pranayamas: one for each chakra. Lose weight, sleep better, center yourself. Learn more $29

The Ultimate Affirmations

Shift negative blockages in mind, body and soul levels to manifest the life of your dreams. Each video focuses on a particular chakra. Learn more $29

The Ultimate Meditations

Calm your mind, de-stress and experience your most peaceful Self: one meditation for each chakra. Learn more $49

The Ultimate Yoga

Purify and strengthen your body, calm your mind and unblock energies in all 7 chakras. Each sequence works a specific energy center. Learn more $79

Learn in YOUR TIME and at YOUR OWN PACE, connecting in our online community with other amazing souls on their journey to LIFE MASTERY.


Lena Elisabeth

Germany – Trainee Solicitor at Juslaws Thailand Lives in Hamburg, Germany

“The most important thing I learned is to be more self-confident. I used to be struggling with my body, comparing myself to others and caring too much of what other people thought about me. I learned every person is beautiful just the way they are. I tried yoga for the first time with Olivia. I was surprised to learn how yoga connects mind and body and how you can be more relaxed, down to earth, peaceful and flexible in life. I learned to say YES to life. I was always overthinking, questioning things, and she taught me to say YES, to live the life the way I want to live it, not how others expect me to live it. I recommend this course. It will take you on a journey to get to know yourself, to be more relaxed, peaceful and live life in a better way.”

Joanna Romanczukiewicz

Poland – Marketing Consultant at Mindvalley Lives in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

“I was in the many yoga classes but by far, Olivia’s are the best. Every morning I get a boost of energy to start my day right! Olivia’s classes are very relaxing but also at the same time, tiring, which is good because she will make you work out but also help you balance body and mind. We set intention for the day or the week and this keeps me driven and focused. The practice is excellent. She’s got a lot of charisma Olivia is also very outgoing and has a charming personality and even though her classes are online I can feel her energy and her enthusiasm for life. This reminds me to stay positive and look at the bright side of life in every aspect.”

Matt Jaworski

Poland – Founder and CTO at PeepSo and Contributor for WordPress Lives in Bali, Indonesia

“The most valuable lesson for me has been the constant motivation to step outside my comfortable set of beliefs and preconceptions. Through gentle, yet firm gradual questioning, reevaluating and keeping an open mind, I was able to get insight into my own feelings and needs. Through this process, I learned how to build better relations not only with the people around me, but also (and perhaps, even more importantly) with myself. I was an absolute beginner to yoga just a few months ago. Learning to breathe properly has changed my life. The practice of daily meditation starts my day on the right note. I feel productive, focused and unstoppable. Olivia’s classes are challenging yet she provides modifications and extensions for all levels of practitioners. I enjoy the online component of the course, as I often prefer to practice at home, alone at my own pace.

Alvaro Sánchez

Spain – Events Coordinator at Mindvalley Lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Pasé por una etapa en que me despertaba con dolores de espalda cada mañana. Olivia me enseñó varios ejercicios para antes de ir a dormir y desde entonces el dolor desapareció y me despierto sintiéndome mucho mejor. ¡Gracias, Olivia!”

Fartash Haghani

Iran –Manager at RabbitCV Lives in Montreal, Canada

Oliva’s Yoga classes are a magical, transformative experience. Her presence, knowledge and inspirational messages during class allows for a personal enrichment of both the body and mind. She understands your limits and works with you to achieve better version of yourself. She is a true professional.”

Kinga Kramer

Poland – Works at Naturalne piękno  Lives in Swarzędz, Poland

Olivia, a wonderful person with a golden heart, filled with love for the world, people and yoga. Yoga with Olivia is pure pleasure, fluidity of movement and energy,  the combination of breath, senses and body flexibility. I recommend Olivia’s classes to everyone as she’s truly an amazing teacher and person.” 

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