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I’m a Holistic Wellness Coach (or as my clients like to call me; “the LOVE Guru”) and I’m here to help you heal your ENERGY BLOCKAGES and return to your Soul Essence. I’m a strong believer that Love is our Birthright & our inherent nature. My mission is to guide & empower men & women all around the world to discover their most authentic Self & reconnect to Love - the Source within. 

My Coaching Space is not your "average therapy". We go way deep - to the ROOT CAUSE of your pain.
I love Coaching in a safe, fun, and practical way that is relatable, effective, real af & wholesome. 

This is where you drop your story: anxiety, codependency, fear, depression, toxic relationships, people-pleasing, etc. This is where you come home.

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Holding Space For Each Other

I call it "World-Wide-Wuv" Conscious Humans, all around the world, spreading love, coming together in community to learn, grow, evolve, & celebrate one another.

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The Journey

Sharing from the heart. Real, not perfect. This is a space filled with fun, lessons, yoga & lots of dancing!