Every Program has a different length. Private Coaching adapts to the clients needs. However, most programs follow a weekly cadence from 8 up to 16 weeks. The Mentorship Program goes for 4 months and we have calls every other week.
All Personalized Programs start whenever you’re ready and depending on who’s next on my waiting list. Group Programs have a specific starting date. I announce these regularly on my Social media platforms. Follow @oliviamercado.coaching to stay up to date with the latest news & launches.
Both of my Life Coaching Programs (Personalized and Group Containers) have lifetime access to my Online Yoga Academy. This is a 7-Week Journey Through the Chakras with meditations, affirmations, yoga flows and breathwork for every single chakra. You also get the Zoom recordings to every single session we have.
Yes! I ONLY work with the concept of “Happy Money”. This means that if you complete the WHOLE program, do all the work required, show up on time and yet you feel by the end of it all that nothing changed in your life….I give you ALL your money back. My greatest joy is only working with money that is given to me with joy and gratitude for the value received. To this date, I’ve never had an unsatisfied client!
Your investment depends on the program and setting you choose, whether personalized or group setting. It is also important to FIRST have you Introductory Call to see if you’re a fit for the Program(s) and likewise for you to feel my energy, guidance and get to know me prior to your enrollment. The pricing and different payment options are all shared during the Introductory Call.
That’s perfectly normal. Most of my clients have tried traditional ways to heal, like going to Psychologists or Psychiatrists. It’s OK if you’re not so sure about what to expect. This is why we have an Introductory Call first for you to feel comfortable and understand what the process will look like, shall you choose to enroll and massively expand your life! All your questions will be answered during our first call. After that, if you choose this is not for you, that’s fine too. Although most people who come to this space are already READY for a quantum leap! Trust your intuition.
You can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or DM me via Instagram at @oliviamercado.coaching Happy to assist you.