The Journey


Your Journey to a more empowered life can start today.
I call it "World-Wide-Wuv". Conscious Humans, all around the world, spreading love, coming together in community to learn, grow, evolve & celebrate one another.

This Membership Program is available for the graduates of "From Story To Journey" or "Rising Phoenix" Online Coaching Programs.

Why? Simply because we speak the same language.
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Holding Space For Each Other

Experience Your

Ascension Journey

 Work With Olivia

It is my wish that you will come to know that you are not a victim of this world. You are unlimited, pure, potential energy expressing yourself in the manifestation of this physical plane. You are here, now, precisely to experience the unfolding of your own Ascension Journey.

You've now awakened to Deeper Consciousness. Congratulations! We've already journeyed this far. My invitation now is for you to continue evolving, but this time alongside fellow journeyers.

Life is so much richer when shared. Traveling alone through life can be tough. Translating soul language to others can be challenging. This is why this Membership Program is your portal to connecting with like-minded souls who are striving to live from their hearts and shine light unto the world.

 Work With Olivia


You Will Receive

"The Journey Continues" is a Yearly Membership hosted via Zoom. Our Meet-ups are usually 90 - 120 minutes long and maintain a monthly cadence. In between each session you will have ‘Action Steps’ to follow, in your own time and at your own pace, as suggested practices & exercises to keep you aligned to Higher Energy. This might include meditations, affirmations, and/or practical tips you can do in your everyday life.

IMPORTANT: You will also have support from me and all the other Members, in between each session via our common channel. This means if you have a burning question or urgent problem, we get to work with it in “real-time” where you get instant support. This support is invaluable for our Membership success and your overall growth along this journey.

This program is for those who wish to:

  • Step into their Highest Self
  • Connect with like-minded individuals, living in Higher Consciousness
  • Live with Purpose make a positive impact in this world
  • Expand their knowledge & understanding of Healing practices and precepts
  • Have fun, connecting with high-vibin' souls!
  • Become Empowered Empaths & Heart-Centered Leaders in this world
  • Manifest their dream lives
  • Get practical tools & massive support to live their best lives!
 Work With Olivia


We Will Cover


Beyond Dogma. Spirituality helps you connect with your HIgher Self, the Source of Wisdom & Unconditional Love within.


We're talking the Healty kind! The kind that leaves you fuller, more energized, alive.
Learn more about healthy relationships in this Mentorship Container.

Self Awarness

Reclaming yout power over your thoughts & emotios. Self-ararness is the Key to a peaceful & balanced life.


Undertanding the connection between Soma (Body) and our mental-emotional patterns & behaviors. Healing the body requires tending to the heart & mind.


Uncover the Magick! Manifestation is your doorway to heaven on Earth. Everything is available as long as you can embody it!

Self Love

Becoming your own BEST friend. Self Love is showing up for youtself no matter what the outher world asks of you.

Love Around the World

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