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Just you & me baby. This Private Online Coaching Program enhances and evolves the quality of your relationships (to self, purpose, ideas, beliefs, romantic relationships, finances, and all of life) through proven methodologies of neuroscience, epigenetics, ancient esoteric principles, western psychology, mindfulness praxis & rituals, masculine/feminine dynamics and deepened spiritual practices.

  • Are you done reliving toxic relationships?
  • Are you at a point where you want change in your life?
  • Are you trying to level up your life, relationships & intimacy?
  • Are you wondering why things happen TO you even though you try your best to be good and do good in life?
  • Do you feel unable to express your thoughts and feelings to others out of fear of rejection or hurting others?
  • Are you feeling like something is missing in your life & you're wanting to know your deeper purpose?
Work With Olivia


Into Your
Highest Self

 Work With Olivia

"From Story To Journey" is a 16-Week Personalized Coaching Program. It is a safe space where you gain such deep clarity on yourself, your habitual patterns, dysfunctional dynamics, needs & wants, that you get to drop the Story and embrace the Journey.

This Program is for those who are yearning to awaken to Higher Consciousness, drop the victimhood story & thrive in life. Through my loving guidance, with very specific tools and sincere support, is what will have you living in fullness, wellness, wholeness & integrity.

Now, the 1:1 framework, processes, models, embodiment practices & systems that are utilized in "From Story To Journey" are also combined with intuitive connection, deep journeying into the Shadow Self & the power of a profound and authentic human connection. This space is just that – a death & rebirth in mind and Spirit, of your deepest fears, in favor of your grandest life.

"From Story To Journey" is a powerful framework built upon proven strategies, cognitive exercises, varying practices and healing modalities, sound theories of evolving self & the compilation of putting together teachings that have the capacity to have a profound effect on our consciousness, mental state, mindset, belief systems, relationships & emotional literacy.

 Work With Olivia

Dive Deep

Into Wholeness

With me as your Conscious Mentor (Coach) you will have direct, consistent & authentic leadership. You will receive support in communicating, problem-solving, understanding Self, receiving feedback, gaining greater insight into your needs, breaking through pain points, navigating & healing your key relationships, and expressing yourself with alignment, courage, and clarity.

Throughout our 16-Week Journey together we get to bust Old Paradigms (life schemas) and plant more favorable ones to support the 2.0 version of your Self that we're bringing into existence. We do this by engaging in Inner- Child Healing, Shadow Work, Ancestral Healing, strategies & tools for dealing with adversity, identifying and coping with fears & speaking your Truth. Through your guided practices, you also get to release old trauma stored in the body, allowing space for new energy to come into your life.

As a woman you will learn to stand in your sovereignty and self-worth, trust others, understand men & heal the inner feminine/inner masculine. As a man, you will learn to be confident, stop seeking unconscious approval/validation outside of yourself, hiding or projecting your anger onto the world. You will learn to master your emotions and so much more.

Work With Olivia


You Will Receive

"From Story To Journey" is 16-Week Immersive Program hosted via Zoom. Calls last 90 minutes and maintain a weekly cadence. In between each session you will have ‘LoveWork’ (homework) to complete, in your own time and at your own pace. This may include reading, exercises, deeper reflection practices, meditations, challenges & more.

IMPORTANT: You will also have extensive support from me in between each session via Whatsapp. This means if you have a burning question or urgent problem, we get to work with it in “real-time” where you can voice note or text me. This support is invaluable for our 1 :1 Coaching and your overall growth along this journey.

This program is for those who wish to:

  • Heal past trauma
  • Up-level their lives in every way
  • Connect deeply with their True Essence
  • Call in greater Abundance into their lives
  • Create a deeper relationship with sacred sexuality
  • Get over pain, move through fear & step into their greatness
  • Lead in a more effective way (leaders and c-suite executives)
  • Understand the opposite sex and master masculine / feminine polarity and dynamics
 Work With Olivia

How This

Program Is Divided

Part I

8 Paradigm-Shifting Sessions


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  • The Story: Uncovering Limiting Beliefs
  • Getting Clear On My Dream Life
  • Healing Ancestral Trauma
  • Lovefrontation With The Inner Critic
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Visiting The Junkyard (Letting Go Of The Past)
  • Elevating My Vibrational Frequency
  • Understanding The Layers Of The Body

Part II

8 Energy Healing Sessions + Online Yoga


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  • Conquering My Greatest Fears
  • Learning To Flow In Life
  • Growing My Self-Discipline & Power
  • Opening My Heart to Forgiveness & Trusting Life
  • Voicing Out My Needs & Speaking My Truth
  • Reconnecting With My Intuitive Powers
  • Connecting With Source - My Higher Power
  • Continuing The Journey

What You Can Expect

To Experience After this
16-Week Journey

  • Letting go of anxiety & stress
  • Being able to fully relax and find deep rest
  • Deep inner healing from past trauma
  • Having a deep understanding of what chakras are and how to govern them - how energy works
  • Knowing how to practice Yoga safely, at your own pace, and in your own space.
  • Finding deeper connections with your loved ones: parents, friends, relatives, etc.
  • Finally cutting Karmic Bonds/knots from past toxic relationships
  • Finding clarity on your life's purpose and how to celebrate yourself without guilt or resentment
  • Having the ability to positively impact those closest to you (spreading love and kindness)
  • Reconnecting with your feminine/masculine essence: allowing yourself to give/receive openly
  • Trusting love & life.
  • Healing destructive patterns & behaviors
 Work With Olivia

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7 powerful meditations
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