Can You Hear

The Calling?

  • Are you eager to help others step into their Highest Self?
  • Are you excited to help people change their lives?
  • Does your current job feel unfulfilling, empty, lacking in purpose?
  • Have you experienced a massive mindset shift & wish to share this with others?
  • Do people naturally gravitate towards you & openly share their thoughts & feelings?
  • Have you always considered yourself an Empath?
  • Have you experienced a massive Ego dissolution and awakened to Higher Purpose?
Work With Olivia


Awaken the

Guru Within

 Work With Olivia

"Operation Torch : Awaken The Guru Within" is a Mentorship Program where you train to become a Life Coach and share your divine talents with your Soul Clients.

The prerequisite for joining this Program is to have completed "From Story To Journey" - the 1:1 Life Coaching Program with Olivia. We can only Coach from experience, therefore it's an essential requirement to have experienced the complete Journey firsthand. As you'll be guiding your soul clients through important & powerful processes, you need the deep understanding & practice that comes from having stepped into your own Shadows and have faced your OWN inner demons.

Coaching isn't a "job", it's an art, a skill that is honed in time and with great patience, dedication, and love.

Awakening the Guru means tapping into your innate wisdom and divine power to hold space for others to do so as well. A Guru can only be that - a burning light from which others come to remember their divine essence, their undivided nature, darkness & light as ONE.

 Work With Olivia

"Your Own

Self Realization

is the greatest service you can render the word."

Ramana Maharshi

Feel Confident

In Your Coaching

Many coaches have coaching skills but no idea on how to launch or maintain a successful practice. Marketing scares them and they feel overwhelmed by becoming an entrepreneur who suddenly has to create sales, an online presence, and keep on top of the day-to-day tasks of running a business. They have no idea on how to create systems and are feeling frustrated by their lack of knowledge.

Does this sound like you?

As an open and knowledgeable mentor, I partner with you to help you gain new insights and tools that will not only allow you to launch your Coaching business but your coaching skills as well! You’ll gain confidence in yourself so that you can reach your highest potential to serve your clients and grow your business.

With direct communication, coupled with guidance and support, I champion my mentees by creating a safe space where they can be authentic and messy so that they can truly learn, grow in confidence & feel empowered.

I'm here to be a stand. For you. For your desired life. For your future clients. For the change this world needs.

Operation Torch is The Awakening of the Guru Within, a beautiful initiation into the practice and gift of changing lives.

Work With Olivia


You Will Receive

"Operation Torch: Awaken The Guru Within" is a 4-Month Immersive Program hosted via Zoom. Calls are usually 90 - 120 minutes long and maintain a bi-monthly cadence. In between each session you will have ‘Action Steps’ to follow, in your own time and at your own pace. This will include defining your Soul Client, defining your branding, setting up your social media channels, and creating epic content for your followers.

IMPORTANT: You will also have extensive support from me in between each session via Whatsapp & our shared docs. This means if you have a burning question or urgent problem, we get to work with it in “real-time” where you can voice note or text me. This support is invaluable for our Mentorship success and your overall growth along this journey.

This program is for those who wish to:

  • Help others step into their Highest Self
  • Help people change their lives
  • Find purpose & a fulfilling service to this world beyond a regular "job"
  • Share with others their own experience and mindset shifts
  • Embrace their natural Healing powers
  • Become Empowered Empaths & Heart-Centered Leaders in this world
  • Step into Higher Purpose
  • Get practical tools & massive support to launch their own Coaching Business
 Work With Olivia

How This

Program Is Divided

Call #1

The Why

  • Your Purpose As A Coach
  • Crossing The River Of Change
  • Holding Space - Protecting Your Energy Field
  • Your Playground - Coaching Formats
  • The Power Of Language
 Work With Olivia
Call #2

The Who

  • Manifesting Your Dream Client
  • The Energetics Behind Client Acquisition
  • Getting Clear On Your Soul Client
  • The SureFire Way To Always Be Fully Booked
 Work With Olivia
Call #3

The How

  • Using Your Unique Voice
  • The Power Of Authenticity
  • Weaving Your Story In Your Offer
  • Getting Started "Time To Get Hands On"
 Work With Olivia
Call #4

The What

  • Crafting Your Irresistible Offer
  • Making The Intangible, Tangible
  • Crafting & Refining Your Sales Funnel
  • Sell Them What They Want, Give Them What They Need
 Work With Olivia
Call #5

The When

  • Creating Your Course Structure
  • Defining Timelines
  • Taking The Leap Of Faith
 Work With Olivia
Call #6

The Where

  • Choosing The Right Social media platforms(s)
  • Placements 6 Branding
  • Busting Algorithm Myths
 Work With Olivia
Call #7

The "Buts"

  • Coach Meets Resistance - What To Do?
  • Navigating Tough Client Moments
  • Practical Tips For Real - Life Coaching Moments
  • Tools To Nagivate Your Own Resistance
 Work With Olivia
Call #8

The Goals

  • Fine-Tuning, Tweaking Your Product
  • Keeping The Goal In Mind
  • Preparing For Solo-Flying High!
  • The Guru Is Fully Awake Now
 Work With Olivia

What You Can Expect

To Get From This Mentorship Program

  • 1:1 Mentorship Calls for 4 months
  • Define your WHY in Coaching
  • Grow your Social Media Brand & Presence
  • Receive Worksheets, Sales Scripts & Templates
  • Grow in Confidence to launch your Coaching Business
  • Get A Step-by-Step Guide to authentically enrolling new clients
  • Receive Ongoing Support via Whatsapp / Instagram as we move along the Program
  • Improve & Up-level your Coaching Skills
  • Understand and implement energy protection techniques
  • Access to a library of books on Consciousness, Coaching, Money, Love & Relationships and more!
 Work With Olivia

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