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Olivia Mercado

I have been blessed to work with thousands of people from all over the world: CEOs, entrepreneurs, CFOs; from professional dancers to housewives, to couples wanting to deepen and/or heal their relationship, to individuals with substantial mental health issues & even suicidal thoughts. This range has granted me profound access into the human condition, regardless of race, age, social status, etc. I serve my clients from a place of deep intuition, empathy & compassion. I’ve traveled the world and lived in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey & Bolivia. I am fascinated with the human psyche and its connection to Spirit, which I understand as LOVE IN ACTION.

My mission is to awaken the heart, to assist individuals in Rising Consciousness & reconnect to the Source of Power and wisdom within. In loving service, I am here as an expression of that Love in Action, co-creating a New Earth of radical self-love, authenticity, peace & abundance.
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My childhood was

full of fear, instability & shame....

The Early


I was bullied and picked on. I wore glasses since the age of 2 until I was 31. I was called “four eyes” in school by some of my classmates. I went to the most accommodated school in my city, where the crème de la crème sent their kids.
Growing up, my mom and dad loved me much, however I grew up in what I would now describe as a broken marriage. Lies, betrayal, hurt, tears, scarcity, lack of consciousness, abandonment, and more lies. I had no proper modeling of what “healthy love” looked like.

All the years of fear and suppressed pain & shame were catching up. I tried but constantly felt shame and was self- conscious about my appearance, my body and my family’s financial status, compared to the rest of my peers. I carried such unprocessed shame and trauma from my childhood that I projected it onto others. As I started in romantic relationships, this shame and feeling of unworthiness I carried on such a deep subconscious level, had me put up with toxic behaviors. I would notice unacceptable behaviors (red flags) but kept on “trying” in the relationship, as I had learned that “love is sacrifice” and “no one is perfect” and “he didn’t mean it, and he already apologized”. I broke up and got together again with my first boyfriend twelve times. Twelve! Can you imagine? I thought “that’s what all relationships go through” back then. I eventually was able to stand strong in my decision and broke off that (first-ever) toxic relationship.

I married the kindest soul after that. My ex husband was (and still is) the most stand-up man I’ve ever met. He taught me how to love myself. He made me feel so special, so worthy, so seen & heard, so enough. But as I hadn’t yet addressed the demons that lived within and I wasnt’ ready to FULLY allow myself to receive genuine love, I (subconsciously) sabotaged my relationship and divorced after 7 years of marriage. 

My Dark night of the Soul Began

It was the darknest moment of my life.

I survived

Hell & Back

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A situationship of 2,5 years turned into a relationship after that. He never truly wanted to be in a monogamous arrangement and I initially thought “well, I’ve just come out of a 7-year marriage, neither do I”. I negotiated with myself and decided I was ok with trying an “open relationship”. I was lying to myself and I didn’t know it back then. Eventually, we moved to Bali, moved in together and my Dark Night of the Soul began. This was the darkest moment of my life. The level to which we triggered each other’s deepest wounds was insane. He was a Narcissistic Sociopath and I was, well - CODEPENDENT. It was a battlefield. Fight, have makeup sex, fight again, dissapear, gaslighting, threaten to break up, cry, apologize, fight again…Ughh…It was massively exhausting on all levels.

This was my descent to HELL, to meet ALL my shadows: fear, anxiety, rage, guilt, shame, depression, instability, powerlessness, jealousy, madness..the greatest disconnect from my soul.

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Beliefs Changed

It wasn’t an easy road. Hell is an inhospitable place. Yet, I decided to LEAN ALL THE WAY IN. Go to depths and don’t look back. One choice with three possible outcomes:

  • Settle for a toxic relationship, feeling empty & unloved
  • End up broke, alone and crazy
  • Break free from these limiting patterns & live to share and help others

Thankfully, I followed the guidance of my heart and the third is what transpired. I broke free from him and all that he represented: the belief that I wasn’t “good enough”, worthy enough, smart enough, woman enough.

I spent countless hours in solitude, weeping, screaming, losing the parts of me that no longer served. Endless tears flowing, I was shedding every layer of the “lies” I had taken as mine, before I could experience the wholeness that was me. I distanced myself from all that I knew to be real in my world. I felt tragically alone. I had launched and failed at a business, losing big sums of money, simply because I had been operating in scarcity mode this whole time.

I worked with shamans, therapists, coaches and healers. I trained myself in Reiki, Energy Work, Yoga, Tantra, Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Meditation and Mindfulness practices. I did Sound Baths, fasted, and meditated on Full Moons. The shattered pieces of my broken ego revealed the unscathed heart that was always beating within.
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It Was My

Hero's Journey

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It truly was a Hero’s Journey with massive ego dissolution…
I spent a great deal of time in solitude and sat with my Self. I started valuing myself and loving all the parts of myself. I began to believe in myself. I ceased to seek validation outside of myself through sex, hookups and serial dating. I dropped more of the facade and the shame. I dealt with my trauma and childhood wounding.

I was able to finally put into practice all the education around spirituality, human relationships & dynamics, human potentiality, psychology, pedagogy and philosophy I had exposed myself to (which was me compensating for my feelings of inadequacy and insecurity – beliefs I adopted from a young age from my upbringing).

I dropped the negative self-perception and the attachment I had to what others thought of me. I removed my need to “find THE ONE” and instead I BECAME it. I forgave myself, others and took ownership of who and what I had been. I stepped in to compassion and resilience. I owned who I was and what I was…

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Positive Behaviors

I am able to now access my heart in ways I couldn’t before.
A deeper sense of compassion, empathetic resonance and loving presence. Primarily because I have been able to do be and do this for myself. I stopped unknowingly hating parts of myself and started to embrace all of who I was.

My connections with others are even deeper. Abundance, wealth, equanimity is easily accessible. I deal with pain and fear in a way that is empowering and allows me to upgrade myself as opposed to shaming myself.

My relationship to my parents, bullies from my past, and former partners has evolved in great depth. There is peace and true forgiveness because I have allowed myself to feel fully and chose to go From Story To Journey.

I am present in my relationships. I speak my Truth. I walk my talk and stand tall & proud for every episode of my life that has brought me to the NOW. I am who I am: Authentic, Committed and in Loving Service of Conscious Awakening.
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Am I Now?

I serve from a place of stability, deep spiritual connection and certainty. I know who I am in the world and what I want. I am far less judgmental because I judge myself less. I don’t hold on to grudges and pain. I allow myself to breathe through the discomfort.

My confidence is genuine and I trust myself like I never have before. This means I am no longer doubting myself and I am able to bring that level of certainty into all areas of my life. No dream is too big and no challenge too overwhelming.

Compassion, integrity and being a safe space holder is how I choose to move through this world, assisting those who come to me to be reborn in Heart & Spirit. From the pits of Hell to the the Heavens beyond.
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